How to buy a car, real estate or repay a loan for 35%!


Welcome to this site! My name is Yuri Bolshakov.

For the past 5 years, my area of interest has been investing in cryptocurrency, real estate and the stock market to create a passive source of income.

In November 2019, I found out about Finiko and at first thought that this was another HYIP project, but when my friend already participating in the project bought a Mercedes for 35% of the cost, I decided to still understand the project and understand where the money came from? Who are the organizers of the project and what is their background, business experience, or maybe they are scammers at all?

After studying everything thoroughly, I realized that there are certain risks now in principle everywhere and even the founder Kirill Doronin himself speaks openly about this, therefore-I definitely decided that I would take part in all this!
To date - it has been more than six months since I and my entourage began to receive excellent passive income here!

Study the information on this page and if you are also interested, then contact me or you can immediately go through a simple registration, where you will get acquainted with the programs in your personal account-you will understand how everything is really simple and at the same time absolutely unique!

Contact me: +79048381888 (WhatsApp, Telegram)
(you can also contact me in other social networks by clicking on the icon of any of them)

Finiko is a company that deals with capitalization of money and its increase according to the principle of risk projections and helps people solve their financial problems.

Finiko’s History

 Founder of the company Kirill Doronin

 The company was founded in the summer of 2019. It all started when Kirill Doronin, the founder of Finiko, met talented traders by fate, increased his capital and succeeded greatly in it. On seeing the results, his friends started asking him to take control of their money. Later their friends of friends started doing the same. This is how the idea came up to create a platform where everyone could give their money to professional managers. 

At the moment, the company is in its development and expansion stage. Each trader working for this company deals with one market instrument. Due to the fact that they all trade different instruments, this helps to diversify risks and always make it beneficial, adding by an average 50-60% to the deposit per month. Yes, it sounds unreal, but it is really possible on certain market instruments.

Having good intentions, the company came up with an interesting marketing ploy in order to capitalize as much assets as possible. Nowadays, people mostly need to repay loans, mortgages, buy a good car, apartment, house. Finiko helps its customers solve these issues pretty quickly and gets grateful customers and capitalization increase in return and, as a result, income growth. 

What investment programs does Finiko offer?

There can be minimum deposit of $ 3,000. Deposit and withdrawals are only in bitcoins. The deposit is unlimited.

How does it work?

Step 1. Register at Finiko

Step 2. Refill your account balance

Step 3. Buy CTI index in your account

Step 4. Get profit every day from Monday to Friday

Example: You have deposited $ 3000. In three days you'll be charged interest. Why in three days? This is the time needed for the company to put your deposit on its exchange accounts in order to start working. Interest can be withdrawn from $ 100.

Deposit withdrawal can be ordered any time, but the company will give it back to you only in 21 working days.

View the charge in your account

ZK35 program

This program allows you to repay any arrears, loan, mortgage for 35%.

How does it work?

Step 1. Find out loan balance

Step 2. Make a contract with Finiko

Step 3. Pay 35% + 1% (office fee) + 10,000 rubles (for contract service maintenance). Payment is done via Sberbank.

Step 4. The company repays your loan within 10 months

Example: Loan balance is 500,000 rubles. You payed 175,000 rubles + 5,000 rubles (office fee) + 10,000 rubles (for maintenance per year). Once per month (within 10 months), the company adds to your personal account 30% of the deposit amount = 52,500 rubles, so the loan will be repaid before the deadline within 10 months.

Feedbacks of those who chose ZK35

AT35 and KV35 program

These programs allow you to purchase a car or real estate for 35% of the cost.

How does it work?

Step 1. Choose a car or real estate

Step 2. Make a contract with Finiko

Step 3. Pay 35% + 1% (office fee) + 10 000 rubles (for contract service maintenance).

Step 4. You own it in 120 days

Example: You chose a car for 1,000,000 rubles. You payed 350,000 rubles + 10,000 rubles (office fee) + 10,000 rubles (for maintenance). Total 370,000 rubles. You wait for 120 days. You pick up your car from a salon (without encumbrance). It’s the same thing with an apartment or any other real estate.

Feedbacks of those who chose AT35

Presentation of Finiko by its founders

Finiko Partner Program

The company’s marketing plan is designed in such a way that not a single ruble of incoming money is sent to the payments in the network.


CTI index income

5% personal invitation and 3% liabilities from the liability of personally invited by you depending on the team trading performance of your structure

Income on ZFZ35 programs (car, real estate, loans)

5% personal invitation and 1% every month within a year.

You will have a deeper understanding of marketing after watching these two videos.

How to open Finiko partner office in your city? 

Join a progressive company!

Photos from the company’s presentation in Moscow 11/16/2019 (view all photos)

Official YouTube channel Finiko



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